Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Health


Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health are the most important in your journey to living a happy, successful and peaceful life. Finding your purpose, living your talent, passion and dreams are the precursors of joyful living. Having loving family, friends, colleagues doesn’t happen by itself. To achieve all that requires faith, work, change, balance, harmony, patience. Like Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must be moving”.

There are many different ways to accomplish all the above, and I feel blessed to have found GEOTRAN.

Geotran/Circles of Life is a gift to humanity. A technology based on sacred geometry and quantum physics is rapidly changing peoples’ lives.  Developed after 40 years of research by Dorothy Wood Espiau of Sedona, Arizona, Circles of Life provides a new way of understanding brain function. It helps people to grow and achieve in all areas of life by increasing the awareness they have of the power of choice. It allows the release of one’s full potential physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually by integrating and harmonizing all of the brain’s energies into balance.

Geotran is a digital, geometric and numeric language that speaks to the morphogenetic field clearing past negative experiences permanently and rapidly, and at the same time integrating future goals that clients set themselves.

The morphogenetic field is a field that surrounds us and contains all the information about us: everything we experienced, inherited and learned. Scientists are proving now that the morphogenetic field gives information to the DNA.

Geotran gives people their life back, helps them become free of old baggage and open up to endless possibilities rapidly.

In our Circles of Life seminars and sessions you can learn to:

  • Read with greater comprehension, think more clearly
  • Overcome dyslexia and other scholastic learning dysfunctions
  • Increase memory and focus
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Minimize stress
  • Build self-esteem
  • Conquer fears, PTSD, panic attacks
  • Overcome phobias
  • Overcome addictions
  • Reduce learning stress affecting the physical body creating health conditions
  • Understand the relationship between brain harmony and personality traits
  • Unlock talents and creativity
  • Improve relationships and learn about missing traits…and more
  • Overcome depression(post-partum too) and anxiety
  • Resolve teenage troubles: suicide attempts, pregnancy, cutting, drugs, bullying, and more.


Who can benefit from Geotran/Circles of Life

The Circles of Life programs are designed for educators, business and health professionals, performers and the lay person, adults and children.  The focus is on simple techniques used on self and others to re-educate and integrate whole brain function for greater ease in making life choices and performance.

Circles of Life Integrations

1. The Gems of Excellence Integrations

Miracle Integration: deals with the way you learn, see yourself and the world, and way you hear and comprehend. It deals with dyslexia, all midline movements, and more.

Four in One Integration: addresses the way you communicate, especially with your inner self, restores self-trust.

Peace Integration: restores lost ideals and violation of universal laws.

Living Integration: restores the ability to receive and be blessed.

2. The Power Integration:  Clears mind talk through the Mind Access Point, the Heart Chakra

3. The Dynamic Integration Works on soul level, is meant for all who are willing to stand up, count it all joy, and be light.

4. Spirit Integration: Deals with spiritual issues and violations.

4. Authority Integration: Restores lost or damaged authority and will.

5. Divine Placement: Removes the imprints of others that cause dependence on them, and gives tools and insights to remain calm, centered and connected when others are experiencing turbulence and fear.

6. Surrender to Excellence: Deals with morbid violations, and restores perfect love.

7. Standard of Excellence: Deals with spiritual warfare, and restores love and faith.

8. Solutions I: Clears other peoples’ issues affecting your nervous system

9. Solutions II: Clears other peoples’ issues affecting your endocrine system

10. Solutions XIV:

11. Solutions Twenty Two: Clears contaminations to Choice/Inheretance.

12. Planetary Self Healing: The author created this work when she realized that she’s not going to heal unless she heals her birthplace and the people there.

13. The Keys of Providence: Restore the keys to your journey, the keys that open the doors of divine providence, blessings and gifts.

14. The Master Touch: Clears hate, envy, malice and misery; also clears self loathing, self punishment, self unforgiveness, and self condemnation, and much much more