Body Ion Cleansing / Foot Bath


The fastest and most pleasant way to rejuvenate and cleanse your body from environmental toxins, acid and parasite waste, heavy metals, yeast and more is the Ion Cleanse.

The Ion Cleanse creates a very powerful cleansing process on cellular level. It produces positive or negative ions, which attach themselves to different toxins in the body. As a result we have more energy, our PH (acid/alkaline) will be balanced and feel lighter.

There are no side effects or healing crisis following the ion cleansing process.

It is a great cleansing, balancing, and supporting tool after short or long term antibiotic use, chemotherapy, radiation and a long term exposure to a toxic environment (asbestos, fume, mercury, etc).

Something interesting is happening on emotional level when cleansing is done with the Ion Cleanse.  Negative emotions are stored in our cells, it’s called cellular memory, and toxins keep those emotions locked in our cells. Once we release the toxins, the door is open for the negative emotions to be released. Sometimes, it is advisable to resolve emotional/mental or other psychological issues prior to the ion cleanse. It’s also advisable to make sure the client is strong enough physically too to have the best results cleansing.

I use Kinesiology to determine how frequently should a client receive an Ion cleanse session, and whether that is priority for the client. Please read about Kinesiology in the service section of my website.

The Ion Cleanse does not heal, treat or cure any disease or ailment. It simply cleanses and balances the body giving it a fighting chance.