A unique method of measuring stress in the body (finding out about imbalances, toxicity, weaknesses, etc.) is a biofeedback technique called the muscle test or stress indicator test. The brain registers it’s stress to the muscles of the body, which give biofeedback for measuring the stress in the body. The Gems of Excellence Program, one of the programs of Geotran teaches this technique, showing also the correct order of importance of actions to be taken to achieve wholeness, balance and harmony.

Muscle Testing

Kinesiology arrived to the United states in the 1950s. Dr. George Goodhart from Chicago studied kinesiology in France, and shared the information with other doctors on how to isolate and test each muscle for stress reactions. Later on this technique was developed into simple methods for the layperson to test themselves and others  by Dr. John Thie. Dr. Goodhart incorporated acupuncture meridian therapy into Applied Kinesiology. Successive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures were developed for neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular reflexes, cerebrospinal fluid flow from ideas originally described by Frank Chapman, D.O.

Kinesiology provides clarity, order of importance, and ease to alternative health. (M.S.S.)

Kinesiology does not diagnose, it’s a great tool not only to determine present imbalances, but also to follow the results of the changes made.