Shine Naturally Now

My mission is:

  • to bring Peace into families and the relationships in them
  • to help people achieve Peace, Harmony and Balance within
  • in their relationships
  • and their relationship with their higher self, infinite intelligence, Universe, Source, God (that something you believe in that is higher and bigger than you).
  • to raise awareness about the tight connection between optimal physical health and spiritual/emotional/mental freedom.

Most illness can be attributed to our thought life and an epidemic of toxic emotions. Since I believe in this 100% I use the following tools in combination one way or the other. I believe that you can not get well physically 100% if you’re afraid, sad or mad for a long time.

Be curious and be brave!

  • Geotran – is an easy, simple and fun program that rapidly clears past negative experiences of trauma, stress, fear, accidents, shock, panic, divorce and more; learned and inherited behaviors, and at the same time integrates future goals and dreams that clients set themselves. You’re not supposed to be in therapy for years. You need to heal, and return to your life, living it fully. Geotran is based on ancient healing methods and most recent scientific findings. It is available in a form of sessions and/or workshops. You can learn to clear and integrate yourself and others in two weekends by attending the foundation workshops of The Gems of Excellence I & II.  Geotran is easily combined with any other profession and healing modality.
  • Natural Health – Nutrition and Herbology – I like to find out about the imbalances, deficiencies, toxicity etc. of the client with the use of Kinesiology, signs of the body (face, nail and tongue analysis) and from conversation with the client; A combination of personalized supplement plan and easy permanent lifestyle changes, that the client is willing to do, is the best approach. Balancing the five Chinese elements, the chakras and the meridians is absolutely necessary. The supplements I suggest are pure and cold processed, and I use: enzymes, herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential oils, and more.
  • Ion Cleanse – I do offer liver, gallbladder, lymph, parasite, candida, kidney, pancreas, etc. cleanses in form of herbal and food combinations. There is however the Ion Cleanse, which offers a fast, general cleanse on cellular level in order of priority – meaning starting with the most toxic part of the body- automatically.  The Ion Cleanse  is to be offered by trained health care practitioners only, who have the knowledge and training to use it properly and safely.
  • Kinesiology – The brain registers stresses of the client (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and it communicates the stress to the muscles of the body through electrical impulses, which than give bio-feedback information through a major muscle usually the leg or arm.
  • Compass – Is a software programmed with over six hundred different supplements. This program is based on galvanic skin response, GSR, which reads your bio-energy, and in a few minutes gives a supplement plan. The Compass can be programmed with supplements of different companies.

In order to give a most effective and accurate personalized plan to my clients, I check every single step I take with Kinesiology (muscle testing).