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The Gems of Excellence Program

The Gems of Excellence is the foundation program of Geotran, which is a language of ALL possibilities. Geotran clears negative experiences (yours or others), allowing you to re-discover your AUTHENTIC SELF, and integrates your OWN future goals and dreams. The result is rapid personal transformation.


The Gems of Excellence program offers four different integrations to achieve the above:

The Miracle Integration, which deals with the way you learn, the way you hear and comprehend. It deals w. dyslexia, all midline movement, and more

The Peace Integration, is for restoration of lost ideals and violations of Universal Laws

The Four in One, addresses inner hearing and self-trust

The Living, restores your ability to receive and be blessed


Dates: August 15th & 31st 7-9PM @ 119 Main St., 2nd Fl. Nanuet

August 26th NYC 8-10PM @ TRS Prof. Suits, 27 William St.


To register contact Marija Santo-Sarnyai at (201) 388-4661 or                                              e-mail [email protected]