Surrounded by Idiots (it isn’t as bad as it sounds)

How many times we hear someone say: I’m surrounded by idiots. First of all what does that mean? I think it means, that you don’t feel understood by the people around you anymore. It also means that you think everybody else is an idiot but you. Well, who did that? How did that happen? Were those people handpicked, and put in your life by mistake, just to annoy you? No that’s not what happened. When you think about it, who is the common denominator? It’s You. Am I calling you an idiot? No, that’s not what I’m trying to do here. When you feel surrounded by idiots, there are two possible scenarios: 1. You need to change, and attract different people into your life, or 2. You have already changed and forgot to change your surroundings. You can’t put new wine into old wine skin. I’m sure you tried. And what happened? The old wine skin ruptured.

We need to keep growing every day, and those who are not willing, you can’t keep dragging with you. So you have a choice to make. It isn’t an easy one, but a necessary one.

It’s scary to leave, to change, not knowing what will happen next, what will the “new” mean. When you say: “I’m surrounded by idiots”, you let the “old” stay too long, and it irritates the hell out of you. Ask for courage and boldness to allow yourself your new you. To make you feel better, I’m preaching to myself too.