Honoring Dorothy’s Copyright

About teaching Geotran; please share.

The author of Geotran is Dorothy Wood Espiau.

We have been trained by her how to teach the program: which is by hearing/intuition and in the moment. Previously prepared outlines with a specific order do not work for the above reason.

Geotran is a hands-on program, which is best understood if demonstrated. Pre-test, re-education, post-test. Will explain during class. Amazing stuff.

Gestures, facial expressions, the energy of the students is crucial when teaching this work. A Geotran teacher observes these signs, and responds accordingly in the moment.

Since this work is Dorothy’s copyright, we need to RESPECT and HONOR her authority over this wonderful work that saves people’s lives rapidly and fundamentally.

My next Introduction of the Gems of Excellence program, which is the fundamental course of Geotran is:

DECEMBER 10th, Saturday 11AM-1PM @CILK119 119 Main St., Nanuet, NY; Please RSVP ASAP @ 201 388-4661 or [email protected]

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