Pretending to like your plan B is hard work

Kids these days have an idea at a young age what their goals and dreams are. Don’t worry if you don’t have it yet, because everybody has their own timing. We often ask ourselves: What am I to do on this Planet? People who just want to get rich, live a luxurious life for their own sake, are not my cup of tea. I would like to help those who are eager to find out what their calling is, to find themselves under the pile of generational, social, political, religious, etc. issues/agendas, and get in touch with their own blue print.

Let me touch another issue related to this subject. A lot of people do know what their goals and dreams are at a young age, but they forget. Wow, how does that happen? Life happens. If you let it. Sometimes it’s inevitable: we need to take care of someone, have an accident, tragedy, we want to please somebody else, and we get derailed. I’m not supposed to hate, I’m a healer, but I do hate this word: “derailed”. That word means plan B or C. That word means not living your own life. That’s when you louse years spending in limbo, focus, and start living a life according to somebody else’s expectations. In situations, when you need to put your own life on hold, keep remembering that dream, fantasize about that dream: like a waitress, who keeps going to auditions to become an actress, just DO NOT GIVE UP.

If you feel you’re drowning in plan B, and want to do something about it, need some direction, motivation, some tools to stay focused, look me up. I’m here, talk to me! I will help you remember who you are, and discover your purpose/calling/mission. It’s NEVER TOO LATE.

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