Addictions – Teens and Young Adults

Why am I talking to/about teenagers and young adults exclusively this time, when there are plenty of adults shooting and snoring up? Because they are trying to find themselves, who they are, what they want, what their purpose in life is, who they love, … everything for them is up in the air. They are vulnerable.

There are a few exceptions – kids who have a strong sense of self at a very young age. That’s a blessing. The majority aren’t strong enough to fight back, to say no, they are more adventurous than they should be. I would say adventure’s misunderstood big time.

What they need is a safe environment at that time, so they can focus on figuring it all out.

And I’m not trying to blame, judge or criticize anybody here, because sometimes the family does everything right, and things go wrong anyway, and it’s not my place to judge.

Please listen to this song from Alan Parson Project:

But sometimes we need to take a look at the family. I can hear people say to this: “It’s none of my business”. Well, that’s one way to look at it. One poor, miserable, ignorant way. Please excuse my bluntness, but I have heard just too many sad stories about young lives lost, and I would like to raise awareness to this point: “If you see something, DO SOMETHING”! We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. It could be anything: emotional/mental abuse, physical abuse, incest, etc. We can help only those, who we know about, and those who allow our help. I’m not sure where is the fine line in the situation of addictions.

Here is the problem or problems:

1. The addiction itself (which is a symptom of an underlying issue) is becoming more difficult to resolve, overcome, deal with, than the underlying cause. We can’t say it any more directly: it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Later, it becomes the iceberg!!!!! It directly endangers the lives of young, innocent and lost (emotionally / spiritually) children.

2. People with addiction deal with victim mentality and “no way out” or “no choice” mentality. The marriage of these two makes it impossible to change the course of events. Again, there is no judgment on my part. Why, because I did go through some phases of it myself, but I was able to stop at the edge of the cliff. Thanks to Geotran! It is mandatory to restore choice, and get out of the victim mentality to start making different decisions. How? The answer is: GEOTRAN. Please be curious, and ask questions. I’m here.

3. On top of the above, or some would argue, that this is the # 1 cause: no faith, no trust. We need to love ourselves, we need the love of others, and we need to feel the love of God, to be connected. How? Once choice is restored, and the person is no longer a victim, is able to step up to the plate, and is accountable for his/her own actions, this person does not want to stay disconnected from the Source. There are different ways to achieve that connection. Feel free to ask questions. I am here.

4. There is no order of priority here. All these are equally important, and there are more components to this complex issue. The underlying cause has to be dealt with. It is mandatory. If there is a trigger (person, place or thing) that has to be eliminated, no matter how close that may be, in order for someone to develop a healthy soul (thoughts, emotions and will). Children, teens and young adults are very sensitive to the issues of the adults in their lives, and may feel responsible for them, may feel being the cause to their suffering. It’s a trap!!!!!

A good healer has to have the ability to change this misunderstanding, and create a safe haven for the child to grow into a happy, responsible and successful adult.

5. Lastly, the health of a person with addiction is greatly compromised. The brain chemistry is altered, hopefully not to the point of mental illness. The physical body needs to be built up, balanced, nourished, and all this in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. I am a Certified Naturopath, specialized in nutrition and herbology, and I can give you a hand.

Again, if you see or hear something, DO SOMETHING. Why? Because the person that you are doing something for is a fellow HUMAN BEING.

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