“Relearn the forgotten language of the instincts” Carl Jung

“Interpretation of dreams enriches consciousness to such an extent that it relearns the forgotten language of the instincts”. Carl Jung: Man & His Symbols, page 52

It would be great if we would all hear that whisper that tells us what to do in a difficult situation, whom to tell our most inner secrets, who is our best friend, whom can we trust, what is our next step, what is our purpose here on the face of the Earth, and so on… We could prevent many disappointments and probably tragedies too in life.

So why does Jung say “forgotten language of the instincts”? What happened? How did we forget? And are there any other ways to relearn the language of the instincts?

Our instincts are coming from our right brain, which needs to be activated. Once it’s activated it needs to be connected to the left brain. We rely on our left brain too much, when we want to figure everything out by ourselves. Intuition means listening to your Higher Self, Universe, God, the Wind, Infinite Intelligence, Source…..pick a word, and getting the answers. To be able to do that, we need to trust that source. So a good question at this time would be: Do we trust? Do we have faith? People loose that trust, faith for all kind of reason. How do we restore FAITH?

There are two more steps to relearning the language of instincts: the left and the right brain need to be connected and communicating, and we need to be connected to the Source. Geotran, the language of all possibilities does this with ease, simplicity and fun. You can learn it yourself, or you can participate in sessions. Geotran will help you restore faith, restore choice, and help you relearn the language of instincts. The result is rapid personal transformation. Do not waste years of your life trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Ask for HELP.

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