January 7th, The Gems of Excellence

Nanuet, January 7th, 11AM

The Gems of Excellence Brain/Mind Course in Successful living has been designed for you to experience the language of Geotran, a digital, numeric, geometric language which speaks directly to the information fields or memory fields that hold the record, past and present, of who you are and what your potential is. The author is Dorothy Wood Espiau from Sedona, Arizona.

Your brain knows your limitations and will set them for you with accuracy. We can show that the person who has financial problems is experiencing this cycle, for the brain knows exactly how much income you will make per year and also whether you will be in a successful loving relationship. The brain merely “listens” to the fields and duplicates the in-form-ation in your life.

The language of Geotran will allow you to correct the “glitches” in your own life program. It is the language in which your blueprint is written. These tools will allow you to change the violations of choice that are programmed into the morphogenetic field. You can send the brain correct information for winning, happiness, prosperity, health, and everything you have ever dreamed you could be.

In this introduction part you will learn/experience the following:

Subconscious Clearing – used to clear self-sabotage tapes causing actions contrary to desire, and allowing you to be successful in what you do.

Clearing “Loc” – allows you to access/open pathways to the programs in your “bio-computer” that require information.

Positive Points – are the most powerful gems in the Gems of Excellence Program. They allow you to de-stress quickly and easily by removing past and present cellular memory of trauma, accident and loss, and prevent future trauma and accidents. The body is like a magnet, and when these experiences are in cellular memory, the body attracts the same experiences: Like attracts like.

Mind Gems – These quick, simple techniques re-circuit the electrical system of the body. Your body operates through vibration and electrical impulses. You must be “switched on” and balanced to be at your best. The Mind Gems are one of the tools for you to maintain that balance.  I will demonstrate a Miracle Integration through which you will experience all of the above.

When: January 7th 11AM – 1PM ; Cost: $35.00 for manual, repeaters free

Where: CILK119, at 119 Main St. 2nd fl., Nanuet, NY; pls. RSVP to reserve your seat

To register: call/txt Marija Santo-Sarnyai at (201) 388-4661 or e-mail at [email protected]

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