I am busy – relationships

I am busy, you are busy, he/she is busy everybody is busy, and everybody will stop and drop what they were doing, to attend fixing what went wrong when they were busy.

Than comes the: Oh my God, how did this happen? How did this happen to me?

I’m from a country where people still visit each other without a phone call. Would be considered rude here, but there they drop everything, and attend to the guest, and they do that with joy.  There are no homeless people. Maybe a few. What that has to do with this subject? Relationships in families, friendships, neighbors are strong there. People help each other, mainly with emotional support. When you don’t feel alone, you do come up with ideas and solutions. Fear paralyzes the brain. The biggest gift you can give to a human being is LOVE, which is impossible to express without time and attention. Homelessness is a state of mind I think. But that’s a subject for another blog. 

We are the ones that create and nurture meaningful relationships, between Mother and Daughter, Father and Son, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, Sister and Brother, Aunts and Uncles, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, friendships, romantic relationships and so on…. or don’t.

But it’s complicated – they say. No it’s not, but it will be. Hurts and misunderstandings happen all the time. Addressing them, approaching the other person who we hurt, or who hurt us and try to make mends, apologize, understand, correct the problem as soon as possible. The bigger the time gap, the bigger the gap in the relationship. And yes, it does get complicated. We are the ones who decide, make a conscious choice to visit somebody, to turn the f….n phone off and pay attention with love and compassion to the other person. That’s a gift to the other person and to us as well. It does feel like time stops.

It does take courage to love and give yourself into a relationship fully. To stay with one person long enough (I’m not talking about a romantic relationship only), to have a chance to know her/him on a deeper level, and TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. Hm, I just opened the door to yet another subject/blog which is why don’t we trust? Stay tuned it’s coming. But I think we know the answer to this one already.

Love, love, love! I fall on my face sometimes, but I get up, and I love again. 


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