What About the Soul?

So I was just thinking about this for the past couple of weeks. For seventeen years I have had the same hourly rate. Than I got yelled at, because the work we do creates rapid personal transformation, people’s lives are changing fast, and I needed to increase my fee. Turns out, everybody else did already, except me.

Woohoo, the reaction was drastic, but I kept at it, because I know how much this program is worth, and I know how much I’m worth. And than I was thinking to myself: when we have a plumbing problem, we call the plumber right? When the roof is leaking we have to fix it. If we don’t have AC in the middle of summer, we don’t wait years, we call a professional that day. When we have a cough, fever, throat ache, etc. we run to the pharmacy or the doctor, or naturopath preferably. We want a new house, new car we buy one. We want/need new close, dinner out …….

But what about the SOUL folks? What about the soul? What is it that we do when our heart is broken? What is it that we do when we get a nervous breakdown, or we can’t think straight, when we are sad, angry or afraid? The soul is our emotions, our thoughts and our will. These all can be broken, and they need to be fixed, just like the leaking roof, or the broken pipe, or the whatever physical things in our lives. We can have morbid, scary, sad, etc thoughts and emotions, and we can have no will to recover, no will to heal, no will to live…..Are we running to the phone to call a healer, therapist, psychiatrist…..? Do we want to fix it the same day we first felt those feelings and thought those thoughts? Are we willing to say: Whatever it takes; Whatever it costs; Just fix it, because I don’t want to stay this way, because I owe it to myself, and I owe it to the ones I love and to those that love me. What is it that makes us value our things more than our own soul? What has to happen for us to make a move, to stand our ground, to step up to the plate, to want to be happy, joyful, to want to have fun, tell a joke, and laugh, laugh, laugh? I wonder.

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