A Permanent “Solution” to a Temporary Problem

A relatively young man committed suicide today due to depression. I didn’t know him, just overheard a conversation. He probably thought he had no choice, but at the end he made one. Losing hope is probably one of the worst feelings there is. The realization of no choice, failure, no possibilities or solutions is a mindset. I imagine that people who contemplate or commit suicide think that if they disappear, than the problem will too. We all know that’s not the case. The key to the problem might actually belong to the person who disappeared from life. The mess becomes bigger, when we choose to ignore it or disappear. Your life, the joy of your life belongs to more than just you. I’m sure there are thousands out there who would like to shout at me, and argue about this. But if we feel each others’ pain, and we do, than all those who want to give up today resolving their temporary problem could be considered selfish. Why? Because it would’ve been a great joy to someone helping shake off the dust and move on.

I also know for a fact, because I personally started going in the wrong direction a few times in my life, that depression does not happen overnight. And I’m going to say this the simplest way possible: If you don’t feel right, than something is wrong. It is a gradual process, and every minute gives several choices. Make the right one NOW. You can ask for help or you can ask for help. (I didn’t make a mistake here). Silence like a cancer grows. https://youtu.be/4fWyzwo1xg0.

I remember Dorothy Espiau, the author of Geotran, telling us: “When you make a mistake, or have a problem, find the solution for it (with or without help), and teach it.” With this, she asked us to share the experience, so others can avoid the problem or find a solution easier to their troubles.

Geotran, the Language of All Possibilities can and will find a solution when YOU are WILLING.

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