The Role of Geotran When There are no Past Negative Experiences

I keep meeting people, who don’t have traumas, tragedies, divorces, accidents, addictions or any other drama in their families. I am so happy for them. I needed to train myself though, because after seeing and hearing all kinds of horror/tragic stories, my first reaction use to be: maybe they don’t feel comfortable talking about it, they are not ready yet, they are in denial, and so on and so forth.

I was wrong, of course. It is true. Some people grew up in loving, nurturing families/environment. So why did I still think that something was wrong? Because something was/is.

Just an example. My Dad use to walk to work 10-15 minutes beside the river in a park. He started at 6AM, was finished by 2PM. He was home by 2:20PM the latest. A fresh, home-cooked meal was waiting for him every day at home. My Mom was a homemaker, there were no loose ends. Laundry, cleaning, shopping, kids/homework done.

Today, we are more courageous, we need to be challenged, we go for our goals and dreams, we change careers, we migrate to another continent, we fall in love at (just an example) a business meeting in Hong-Kong, and we have a long distance relationship for years; I’m not even going to start with what does it take to run a whole family for full-time working parents. How much time, energy and patience is left?

Is it possible to find balance and harmony between the two previous extremes? It is. But we need to keep something in mind: Life is not that short. If we are running, we might skip a step, and we’ll need to go back to fix it.

Geotran, the language of all possibilities will develop a high intuition (we call it hearing) you’ll know what’s priority, what feels right, what is the next step, even what is the next question. Once you ask the right questions, you’ll get the right answers too. Geotran’s wonderful Positive Points will distress your life of any kind of aggravation, stress; the Mind Gems will help you to change your thoughts and emotions to positive in minutes; the Clearings will remove any stumbling blocks that might prevent you living a joyous, balanced and harmonious life. And these are just a few of the many tools that Geotran offers in sessions and workshops for you to be able to say yes to career, to say yes to family, and to know when.

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