Sometimes You Need to Go to Your Accountant Empty Handed

I really want to share with you this experience that happened to me today. It’s October 15th the last day to file taxes for those who asked for an extension. Including myself. Why not, why not wait to the last minute, and be stressed out like a lunatic. Oooooh I was so angry with myself…..

So listen to this: I live in Nyack, and since I have this CPA in Queens for over twenty years, (sorry Gloria) I needed to drive to Queens Village today. Before I went, I checked all my documents, to make sure, I have everything I need, and get it over with. I drove like the wind, got there in no time, parked in front of his office, and when I reached for my bag, I realized, I did not have the documents in it. I started analyzing myself: self-sabotage, that’s it, self-sabotage; than I looked around again, because I could not believe I did this. Nop, nothing. Well, I turned red (I know I’m red, ok reder) and purple, and you name it. I was livid.

Ok, so what are my options here? – I asked myself. Don’t go in, just turn around, get the f…n documents and come back again. Or, go home, and maybe never file taxes in my life again, mad. Or go in, and tell him as it is, and ask, when would be a later appointment possible today. I was just waiting in the car a few more minutes until the shock wore off, and I did go in. Paul, my CPA is nice. He asked me how I am, and I said not good. Told him what happened, and he came up with a brilliant idea: Go home, he said, and fax/email all the documents you have. Huhh. A load off. Let me pay at least, I said. So I did that, and headed back to Nyack. Just before exiting his office I turned back, and said: And I’m not even in love, if I would be, I would have an excuse. You know what Paul told me? He said: Maybe you need to be in love, so this would not happen. Just let me know who the lucky guy is. Did I mention, he’s from India? Pearls, pearls, pearls…..sometimes you do need to go to your accountant empty handed.


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