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 Harvest Time with Geotran

Experience Rapid Personal Transformation
at 119 Main st. Nanuet – free of charge –

Saturday, October 20th 3pm-5pm


Experience Geotran, the language of all possibilities in action. Geotran clears past negative experiences (generational, too), integrates future goals and dreams and protects what you have. This program creates rapid personal transformation. Whether you are going through difficult times, or trying to achieve what seems impossible, Geotran will keep your spirit up, and your stress down; will make the impossible possible!


Marija Santo-Sarnyai, a longtime Geotran practitioner, will demonstrate the Solutions program which includes: clearing other people’s projections, processing other people’s issues, emotional contagion, and the buildup of generational issues. Come and see how my sessions look like.


You will also experience the Positive points which instantaneously de-stress any kind of difficulties/challenges. The Mind Gems that re-circuit the electrical system of the body and mind, and the clearing of self-sabotage tapes that are so frequently preventing us from moving forward in our lives. All of which are the elements of the Gems of Excellence program.


Marija’s main goal is to bring PEACE to families and to the relationships in them.


Please contact Marija at 201-388-4661

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